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The DIEM Project The DIEM Project

Group of Companies

DIEM is the new, dynamic addition to a group of companies based in New Heraklion, coming to support Cleanex and Three Crowns. It comes to offer a holistic package of building management services, being the natural evolution of a project that was crowned with absolute success thanks to all of you, our partners and customers. more

Block Management

On the other hand, there are owners who want to have complete control themselves. This practice though, especially nowadays, often creates conflicts with other landlords and tenants, due to the difficulty of Collecting common expenses.


In Greece it is customary for the apartment building to appoint a representative or a committee that undertakes the supervision of the management of the building. In most cases, any administrator works with a company that performs on his behalf and under his supervision the various management services required, such as. issuance of common expenses, refining or supply of heating oil. This is called Partial Management.


Nowadays, living on the standards of successful practices abroad, a more integrated type of management, the so-called Complete Management, is being gradually introduced. It does not require a person from the building to be in charge, but provides for the full assignment of all managerial duties to a company, which undertakes the full range of management tasks with clean procedures, and the ability of inspection by the owners whenever they wish. It is the modern way for tenants and owners to get rid of the stress of management and enjoy a daily quality of life, provided of course that they choose a reliable company.


Block Services

"To do well in facilities management, know your customers and know what they expect"


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