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The DIEM Project The DIEM Project


The Administrator is elected by the general assembly of the co-owners convened according to the regulations of the apartment building and his responsibilities may differ, depending on the statute of each building, and are the following:

  • Payment of all communal expenditure (Electricity, Water, Cleaning service, Heating expenses, etc.)
  • Caring for the correct and fair distribution of expenses to the Tenants-Owners
  • Collecting the debts and trying to avoid the delays in payments by the residents
  • Checking the reserve fund and closing books of income – expenses
  • Immediate response to any problems or emergencies and always looking for the most proper and economical solutions.
  • Heating Oil supply
  • Full supervision of all regular maintenance works and emergency repairs on the premises of the building
  • Always mind for the administrative issues provided by the building Regulation and for the convening of the Ordinary and Emergency General Meetings and keeping records

Finally, to care for the Insurance of the communal areas of the building as the Manager of the building according to the law bears the civil responsibility for any material damages or personal injuries that may be caused by accidents to third parties or to the residents inside and outside the apartment building.

If one of the owners or tenants refuses to pay what is due to him, the administrator must present the matter to the general meeting of the Co-ownership and they will decide how to claim the debts.

We highly recommend you before every Pest Control procedure keeping your space clean to ensure a complete dispersion of the product and the longest residual duration. After a Pest Control service, it is suggested to dry clean the spaces for 5 to 7 days in order to strengthen the products’ effect up until 6 months.

During our Pest Control service we aim to prevent and eradicate insects that can be a source of infection and are carriers of diseases. With Disinfection on the other hand our main goal is the partial destruction and inhibition of the multiplication of pathogenic microorganisms but mainly the elimination of these microorganisms with chemical authorized products in objects and surfaces. These two services also differ concerning residual duration since Disinfection acts at that time and only by neutralizing the already existing microbe content. However a Pest Control Service maintains its effect for up to 6 months depending on the weather conditions.

The fire safety contract between our company and the building includes the free use and installation of brand new fire extinguishers that the building should have (1 per floor) and the customer’s obligation is the annual maintenance of fire extinguishers that begins one year after their installation.


In case of ending our contract, the pieces that have been distributed free of charge are either purchased from the building or directly returned to the company.