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Disinfections – Exterminations

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DIEM responsibly offers you pest control services with a professional group made up of a Public Health Supervisor, a professional Agronomist and a technical staff. Local infection sources are indicated and carefully disinfected with non-toxic, odorless, and authorized by the European Medical Agency products, harmless for humans and pets. As Building Managers we are expected to keep records and ensure we perform in time any application required.

After every Disinfecting application our scientific personnel fill in the relevant authorized certificate signed by the Responsible Scientist and post it on the board of the building for informing the residents.

Disinfestation and rodent pest control are necessary conditions that can characterize a building healthy and clean. For this reason it is important to do pest control at least twice a year as a precaution, in order to fight in time the possibility of unwanted visitors who may be a source of infection or be carriers of many diseases.

Cleaning and Disinfecting is considered a process necessary both to maintain the hygiene of a building and to prevent the transmission of diseases. Recognizing that microbic disinfection is now an imperative for all of us, DIEM has a fully trained team and experienced Scientists. Constantly monitoring the new technologies and any progress brought about by the pandemic period of Covid-19, as a management company, DIEM is always ready to act immediately.


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