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DIEM has a stable cooperation with licensed electricians who have many years of experience and can solve from the simplest to the most demanding electrical problems, either in the communal areas of your building or in its individual apartments.

DIEM’s qualified electricians will visit your building, scheduling the appointment at a suitable time for you, and identifying on person any damages that either they repair it on the spot or with a new visit, while having all the necessary materials and tools, they restore your electrical units till they function properly.

Additional to the common electrical works (repairs of fuses, switches, electrical panels, grounding problems or short circuited power lines) our electricians specialize also in HPPC certificates by taking special measurements of your facilities and providing you with the Formal Agreement of the Licensed Electrical Installer (ΥΔΕ).

If it is a fault/damage in the communal spaces of the building (and not in a specific apartment), the repairing cost is included in the monthly expenses of the building and gets divided among the apartments in the next issue of your shared expenses.


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