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The garden, the planted terrace or even the individual plants that adorn the entrance and the communal areas of your building must be taken care of to be kept in a good condition and to beautify your daily environment. After all, it is scientifically proven that a well-designed garden stimulates and awakens all our senses. That is why DIEM collaborates with professional gardeners and agriculturists, who visit your building at predetermined intervals and take care of your plants and trees with the most modern and professional equipment.

In order to keep as low as possible the cost for the maintenance of the planted areas of your apartment building, the frequency of our visits may vary depending on the season (eg more often in summer and less often in winter), while also We take care the automatic irrigation systems according to the temperature so that you can properly manage water savings.

Our experienced agronomists can also design your garden from scratch and suggest plants that perfectly match the microclimate of your area, so that they require minimal care and save money on maintenance or the possibility of future replacement.


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