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The active fire protection of a building is one of the most important provisions for the safety of its inhabitants and their property. Also, according to law, all residential and office buildings are required to have portable fire extinguishers to deal with the possibility of fire in the building (their number varies depending on the type of building, square meters, number of floors, etc.).

As your building manager, DieM offers you new 6kg fire extinguishers for free, which we place in key locations to be immediately accessible if needed. These fire extinguishers must be maintained every year, as required by law to ensure their proper functionality, and therefore we have certified partners who undertake their control and replenishment at the time specified by their manufacturer, or in case they are used. The cost of the annual maintenance of the fire extinguishers is distributed (evenly or in ownership percentages) in the apartments of the building and a certificate of proper functionality is provided by a licensed engineer.


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