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The prompt supply of heating oil at the best market prices is a key responsibility of the building administrator during the winter months. By choosing DieM as your oil supplier, you are always sure of the whole delivery and costing process, because:

We work steadily with the AVIN company and thus we guarantee you the most competitive oil prices, while in addition we take care of informing you when prices fall so that you achieve the most economical supply of your building.

We guarantee you excellent quality and accuracy in the amount of heating oil you are supplied, since our permanent staff receives the fuel directly from the AVIN facilities where the input-output system is strictly applied by law. This system excludes any possibility of tampering and accurately measures each liter so that there is not a slightest doubt about the quality and quantity of heating oil you receive.

We are by your side whenever you call us, even in times of increased demand, for example when there is a sharp drop in temperature. No matter how busy our tankers are, we serve you no later than 24 hours after your order, while our main goal is same-day deliveries.

In addition, we facilitate you as much as we can in paying the heating oil bill, since the repayment can be made by credit/ debit card.

Finally, we take care of processing the heating allowance application on your behalf, provided that the relevant conditions set by the Ministry are met (this is an exclusive service for our customers/ partners in the Building Management Services).


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